Yu-Ching Hu

Yu-Ching Hu is a second-year PhD student interested/experienced in heterogeneous computing, storage systems, machine learning frameworks, data analytics, high-performance computing and performance optimization.


University of California, Riverside (Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, 2017-present)
Advisor: Dr. Hung-Wei Tseng

University of California, San Diego (M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, 2017)

National Sun Yat-Sen University (B.S., Materials and Optoelectronic Science, 2013)

Primary Research Projects

Improving the Performance of Machine Learning Applications in Heterogeneous Computers, University of California, Riverside / North Carolina State University, Aug. 2018–present
Advisor: Dr. Hung-Wei Tseng

Near-Data Approximate Computing, University of California, Riverside / North Carolina State University, Aug. 2017–present
Advisor: Dr. Hung-Wei Tseng

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer Intern, Samsung America, San Jose May 2018–Aug. 2018 Advisor: Dr. Pankaj Mehra and Dr. Yang-Suk Kee
  • Research Assistant, San Diego Supercomputer Center Jul. 2016–Apr. 2017 Advisor: Dr. Andreas Go ̈tz


Other Projects

Parallel Sorting with Hardware Accelerators

  • Developed a GPU-acceleratedbitonicsortingalgorithmandamultithreadedbaselineonanIntelprocessorwith built-in GPU using OpenCL and pthread libraries in C++.
  • Implemented a hardware accelerator for the bitonic sorting algorithm by using OpenCL to program Altera’s Cyclone V FPGA on DE1SoC.

Data Mining on Twitter Datasets

  • Implemented a program to parse words and emoticons from the Twitter dataset and build dictionaries for creating features using Python.
  • Built data analytic models based on Na ̈ıve Bayes, Logistic regression, SVM and RandomForests.
  • Implemented a baseline linear regression model and evaluated the performance of predictive tasks using Python.

Android Personal and Group Financial Management Application

  • Implemented cloud-based database services to fetch and update real-time data using NoSQL systems including AWS DynamoDB and AsyncTask
  • Developed modules to perform data queries and visualize data objects in query results using Java