Yu-Chia Hank Liu


Second-year Ph.D. student. I’m focusing on near-data processing, heterogeneous computing and code optimization. Other than being a student and a research assistant, I am a basketball player, a weightlifter. Besides getting a Ph.D. degree and a decent job, my goals for my Ph.D. career would be

  1. Playing guitar like HIDE
  2. Being able to speak the second foreign language
  3. Learning wine/whiskey tasting
  4. Being able to dunk


University of California, Riverside (Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, 2019-present)
Advisor: Dr. Hung-Wei Tseng
North Carolina State University (M.S./Ph.D. student, Computer Science, 2017-2019)
Advisor: Dr. Hung-Wei Tseng

Primary Research Projects

Python Just-In-Time Compiler for Heterogeneous Computing (Python/C)

Work Experience