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2nd Workshop on Democratizing Domain-Specific Accelerators (WDDSA 2023)

In conjunction with the 56th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO 56) on 10/29/2023 1pm — 5pm @ Toronto

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The evolution of computer architecture always starts with designing domain-specific ones and then turning them into general-purpose ones. For example, GPUs were just accelerators for computer graphics two decades ago, but now, GPUs are the most widely used general-purpose vector processors. Recent computer architecture trends again fall back to the wave of designing domain-specific accelerators (DSA). However, research projects have successfully used emerging accelerators for applications beyond their original target domains. Inspired by recent research projects and the story of GPGPUs (General-purpose computing on GPUs), this workshop intends to bring together experts from academia and industry to share their efforts in democratizing domain-specific accelerators. Through the presented work, WDDSA would like to explore the potential to lead the renaissance of general-purpose computing on emerging DSAs. 

While we are interested in work that supports general-purpose computing on recent DSAs, we also encourage submissions in general on DSAs and their infrastructure. This workshop is interested in but is not limited to the following topics.

  1. Novel use cases of an accelerator where applications are outside accelerators’ original application domains
  2. Systems, programming, and software for democratizing domain-specific accelerators.
  3. Architectural support for democratizing domain-specific accelerators.
  4. Performance/power/energy evaluation/analysis of democratizing domain-specific accelerators
  5. Implications to future “democratized” accelerator design.

 This workshop invites three types of presentations.

  1. Track 1: Original research papers. WDDSA welcomes papers on projects working on innovative ideas with preliminary results. WDDSA works together with IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (IEEE CAL) to invite top papers in this track to publish in IEEE CAL.
  2. Track 2: Published research papers with artifacts available. The submission can be based on an already published work (published within 12 months upon the submission deadline). WDDSA provides a platform for these papers to promote their artifacts, allowing the community to use and extend existing projects. The presentation may consider including a live demo.
  3. Track 3: Industry insights. WDDSA also welcomes papers on industry projects, encouraging the industry to have conversations with the academia.


10/29/2023 Starting from 1pm

Submission Guidelines

WDDSA has two tracks of paper submissions and each have different submission guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully.

  • Track 1: Research papers.
    • Papers should be 4 pages in PDF format, following the template of IEEE CAL
    • Please submit through and check “WDDSA” as the attribute before 9/15/2023
      • Create an account in IEEE CAL’s submission site.
      • After login, click “Author” from the menu bar
      • Fill in your details, and during Step 3: Attributes, please ensure you select “Workshop on Democratizing Domain-Specific Accelerators (WDDSA)”
      • Others are the same as regular CAL submissions
  • Track 2 & 3: Published & industry papers.
    • Please provide a 2-page summary that covers the high-level ideas of the presentation in PDF format. For published work, please also indicate where the paper was published.
    • Please submit through

Submission Website

Important Dates

  • Abstract deadline: 9/8/2023 9/15/2023
  • Full paper deadline: 9/15/2023
  • Notification of acceptance: 9/29/2023
  • Camera-ready deadline: 10/20/2023


  • Yufei Ding (University of California, San Diego)
  • Christopher Torng (Stanford University)
  • Po-An Tsai (NVIDIA Research)
  • Hung-Wei Tseng (University of California, Riverside)