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CSE142L: Software Projects of Computer Architecture (2022 Summer)

Lecture: T (8/2) and Th (8/4, 8/11, 8/18 and 8/25) 4:00p – 4:50p @ Zoom Lecture Link

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Hung-Wei Tseng
email: htseng @
Office Hours: T 11a-12p F 9a-12p @ Zoom Office Hour Link

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Course Overview

This is the laboratory class associated with cse142: Computer Architecture: Software Perspective. Over the course of the quarter, you will design a processor that implements a large subset of the MIPS instruction set architecture. It will provide you the chance to grapple first-hand with the issues of processor design.


This class is about doing. You will learn almost everything you learn in this class by doing it. This means that you (or your team) must do all your own work. As long as you meet this criteria, you can consult with and discuss your project with other groups. We have structured the course (by not having a curve) so that there is no incentive to be stingy with your knowledge of the tools or in sharing your expertise with your classmates.

Labs 100% There are five labs of equal weight.

Your score will be available on Gradescope. Your final grade is the weighted average of these grades.
We do our best to record grades accurately, but you should double-check.

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For arithmetic errors (adding up points etc.) you do not need to submit anything in writing, but the one week limit still applies.

If you have a problem with your final grade in the course, send me email and we can set up an appoinment to discuss it.

Schedule and Slides

Topic Slides (Release) Due Note
08/02/2022 Introduction & Lab #1Introduction & Lab 1
Lab #1 Link
08/04/2022 Lab #2 &
Discussion on Lab #1
Lab 2: CompilerLab #2 Link
08/05/2022Lab #1
08/11/2022Lab #3 &
Discussion on Lab #2
Lab 3: Memory AllocationLab #3 Link
Lab #2
08/18/2022Lab #4 &
Discussion on Lab #3
Lab 4: Tiling AlgorithmLab #4 Link
Lab #3
08/25/2022 Lab #5 &
Discussion on Lab #4
Lab 5: ParallelismLab #5 Link
08/26/2022 Lab #4
09/02/2022Lab #5


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  • Anyone copying information or having information copied during a test will receive an F for the class and will not be allowed to drop. They will be reported to their college dean. If you can prove non-cooperative copying took place, your grade may be restored, but you must prove it to the dean–I don’t want to be involved. Anyone caught cheating or falsely representing the work of others on the homework will not be allowed to turn in further homework. Your grade will be based exclusively on the tests with a penalty of 25% OR GREATER applied.
  • We photocopy a random sampling of the exams in order to ensure that students do not modify their tests after they have been returned.
  • Online solutions, etc.: A solutions manual exists for this text. Using it, or any solutions you may find on the internet elsewhere IS CHEATING and will be dealt with accordingly. We know what the solution manual solutions look like. Homework is a small fraction of your grade, so cheating on it is unproductive.